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Vans available


Short Wheel Base Transit Vans

Daily Rate £46, Weekend Rate £121, Weekly Rate £215

Load area 8ft long, 5ft 8" wide, 5ft 9" high


Long Wheel Base Vans

Daily rate £65.00,  Weekend rate £150.00,  Weekly rate £300.00

 Load area approx 11ft long, width 5ft 8" height 5ft 9".

(Our LWB Transits are approx 3m long in the load area.

All are higher roof vans.


Long Wheel Base Luton Box Vans

Daily rate £80.00,  Weekend rate £170.00,  Weekly rate £360.00.

 Load area 13'6 long plus over cab area of 3'6.   Height 7ft 3", width 6ft 6"

All of our Luton vans are extra long wheel base with a tail lift.



Daily rate means up to 24 hours running from either 9.00am or 5.30pm. Pick up can be anytime during the working day but a day will only run until the next pick up/drop off time. For example pick up at 12 noon would be due back at 9am. Return at 12 noon the following day would mean two days hire.

Weekend rate means from 12pm Friday to 9.00am Monday.

Weekly rate means 7 days.

All prices quoted include Fully Comprehensive Insurance (subject to Excess)and Breakdown Cover (UK Mainland only).

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